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Who makes the best Guacamole?

15th Annual Guacamole Bowl

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15th Annual "Guacamole Bowl" February 17th, 2018 Made Over $15,000 to Benefit S4EA

The 15th Annual Law Enforcement Challenge "Guacamole Bowl" held Saturday, February 17 from 10am-2pm at the Balboa Park Club was a great success. The Guacamole Bowl attracted 1,500 guests who tasted guacamole from 26 teams & helped determine who makes the best guacamole. The Guacamole Bowl made over $15,000 to benefit S4EA.

Winning team of the 2018 Guacamolebowl

2018 Guacamole Bowl Champions

Hot Guac Cops

Teams competed in Law Enforcement, Champions, and Open Divisions with the winning teams as follows:

Law Enforcement:
1st: US Probation - Living the Guac Life
2nd: National Latino Peace Officers, San Diego Co.
3rd: CHiPs & Guac

1st: Hot Guac Cops-SDPD West
2nd: Cheese Enchiladas
3rd: Si Si Si Persea Avocatier

Open Division #1:
1st: Rachel Dodson's Missouri River Tavern
2nd: Got So Pitted
3rd: The East County Arc Pits

Open Division #2:
1st: Sulpizio Guac's
2nd: IMakeGuacamole
3rd: Alpine Kiwanis

Best Decor Award: Cheese Enchiladas

Most Creative Team Name Award: CHiPs & Guac

Congratulations to "Hot Guac Cops" team who won the coveted "Guacamole Bowl" Trophy as the best overall team.

SPORTS for Exceptional Athletes would like to thank all the sponsors for helping to make the Guacamole Bowl a success!

Event Sponsors

Calavo Growers, Inc.

California Avocado Commision


Mission Foods

San Diego Retired Fire & Police Assn.